Team of trainers

Jana Stará

Jana is on the move since she was born. As a former professional sportswoman she started studying movement at uni to better understand how moving body works. As a wellness coach and experiential trainer she sees body and/in movement as an endless source of well-being and creative ways to “feel good and grow”. She believes that a well person can find joy and satisfaction even in mundane daily tasks, like folding clothes.

More about Jana's work:

Antonio Cargnello

Antonio is a passionate explorer of tools and experiences for self development, creative expression and pursuit of a wise and joyful freedom. His background mixes theatre and contact impro, contemporary dance, martial arts, clowning, swinging between performances and the most beloved role of trainer/facilitator. He founded Teatro invisibile and gave birth to NEST, a space for creative arts in Italy.

Honza Látal

is from South Bohemia, active in education and training since 2002, loves running in forests, plays instruments, does body performances, collects stones and Norwegian music. Is passionate about abstract photography, interested in religions, cultures and rituals.  Has his own coaching practice based on working in landscapes with natural symbols, elements and cycles. Loves connecting nature, art and spirituality in learning.

Helena Kosková

Helena is active in field of education, nature guiding and facilitation of group processes and rituals within Natural Spirit platform. She works also as a therapist, using body and emotions based method Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor, and as a gardener.

You can often find her walking, exploring pilgrimage as a tool for learning, development and change. This year she is involved in Civil March For Aleppo, 9 months peace pilgrimage from Berlin in Germany to Aleppo in Syria.

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