Valpore, Monte Grappa

In 2017 the course happened in Italy in a very special place with a lot of history, which also inpsired us, influenced the content and the process of the course.

Valpore is a small location, difficult to reach, in the middle of the mountains in the massif of Monte Grappa. The venue itself "Centro didattico ambientale Valpore" is a rebuild farmhouse owned by the municipality of Serren del Grappa.

Valpore website: (Italian only) / auto translate to EN >>




Our course happened exactly 100 years after the Battle of Monte Grappa in World War I. The relics from the battle can still be found basically everywhere in the forest and the old trench goes all through the mountains.

More about the battle: wiki >>


We also visited the war memorial at the top of Monte Grappa, did a short contamplating activity connected with time cycles and cosmic movements. Later we were looking for familiar names among the soldiers who died there as some of the participants lost their ancestors in the battles in Italy in WWI.


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