Results, outcomes, follow-ups

Follow-up video reports:

Anne: Flying - Loving - Daring

Flora and Martyna: Rooting

Kristaps: Art of Living / Crystal Effect

Jana: Impro Moving Workshop

Liva: Two Crystals

Markéta: Samhain Creative Workshop

Reka: Three Jewels

Yuki: I'm Crystallized

Milena - Let it Shine


Methods used during the course:

Here you can download a document with the methods we used. It's divided in 4 main thematic sections accodring to the focus of the activities: Natural - Moving - Healthy - Social. PDF file >>


Photos and videos from the course:

Antonio - Google photos album >>

Dobroti selection FB album >>

Natural Spirit FB album >>

Jana FB album >>

Sylwia GDrive >> (videos inside)

Gianluca GDrive many photos >> / videos >>

Best of by Alice FB album >>

Best of by Reka FB album >>

Best of by Jana FB album >>


Articles, blogs, reports about the course:

Jana's article about the course was published in the 21st issue of Gymnasion experiential learning magazine. Issue's main  theme: Movement. PDF >> (CZ only)

Valpore website: Tommasso's report >> (IT), translate >>.

Corriere delle Alpi magazine article >> (IT), translate >>.

Symbiose website >> (DE), translate >>

Teatro Invisibile website: report >> (IT), translate >>.


Events inspired by and connected to Crystallizer:

Inese (LAT) - Writing is Rewriting: FB album 1 >>, FB album 2 >>

Terez (HU) - Story-guided hiking: FB post >>

NESTival (IT): info >>, gallery >>

Crystallizer 2018 submitted to E+ by Dobroti in Czechia.

Neža's blog post from an activity inspired by the course.

Liva, Karlis (LAT) - Dance with the stars: FB event >>


Project ideas and plans, new cooperations:

CZ + LI + HU: "Dancing and climbing for better Europe"

FR + CZ: "Art community" - Using art techniques to engage youth in public affairs

PL + CZ: "eMotions MashUp" - Developing emotional intelligence

ES (Canary) + CZ: "End to End" - Nature and culture sensitive travelling

IT + CZ + HU: "First 5000 mistakes" - Theatre methods in youth development

LAT: "Kristaps has a master plan" 🙂

LAT + ES: "Your best voice" TC

IT + PL: "Moving Bridges"

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