About the course

The CRYSTALLiZER is an international long term training course for those who want to explore their potential and develop their leadership strengths through body-based methods, to receive inputs, share ideas and test themselves.

The first edition of the course happened in July 2017 in Italy. The second is planned for 2018 in Czechia.

Movement is the main word of the course. It describes the experiential methodology and outlines the main theme - conscious movement towards positive change in life and society.


The main aim of the project is to develop youth leaders’ skills needed for meaningful participation and to bring a new impulse to their competences through variety of learning techniques.

During the course we:

  • Provide a guided experience of the evolution of a conscious leader: from an idea to action.
  • Re-discover the inner leader with specific talents and resources through body-exploring techniques, shared inputs and practical workshops.
  • Experience innovative methodologies to get new inspiration for future work.
  • Create safe and inspiring learning environment in a group, establish new connections and partnerships.
  • Develop the sense of initiative, leadership, creativity and social innovation.


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